The Palm

Palm M125

The Introduction of the Palm Pilot

In 1996 the Palm Pilot what introduced 1996 by US Robotics. The Palm Pilot included the standard organizer tools included with PDAs. The Palm Pilot worked with software you could install on your computer that allowed you to sync your data on you Palm Pilot to your computer. This made baking up the information on your PDA easy. The Palm Pilot included serial connectivity and cables were sold that allowed the Palm Pilot to be connected to a Cell Phone for internet connectivity. With the Palm model IIIC a color screen was introduced. The Palm models V!! and the 705i included built in internet connectivity. Later models of the Palm PDA included bluetooth and Wifi connect-ability. Several Palm OS was released for use by other companies such as Handspring, Samsung, and Kyocera. Handspring introduced and attachment that gave its Palm OS PDAs cellphone capability. Smartphones were released by Kyocera and Samsung with the Palm OS installed.

Palm OS Icons
The Palm OS Home-screen

Palm OS Software

There was a large selection of software for the Palm OS. Software included the Blazer web browser, Palm's Note Pad for handwritten notes and drawings, an email client, QuickOffice for viewing and editing Microsoft Office documents, a wide variety of games were available,

Palm OS Today

Palm OS remained a dominant player in the PDA and Smartphone Market until The introduction of Apple's iPhone in 2007. In January 2009 Palm released WebOS a Linux based replacement for Palm OS. WebOS was used in the PalmPre and Palm Pixi series smartphones. The Palm Company was bought out by HP (Hewlett Packard). The PalmPre and Pixi series of smartphones has been discontinued and WebOS was made open source by Hewlett Packard.