The PocketPC


The Introduction of the PocketPC

PDAs with the PocketPC operating system were introduced in April 2000. It was based on WindowsCE 3.0 (Compact Edition). WindowsCE is and operating system developed by Microsoft for embedded system. Microsoft did not actually manufacture PocketPC devices. PocketPC was installed in PDAs manufactured by Dell, Hewlett Packard, Motorola, Toshiba, HTC, etc.. Specifications for hardware and software were set by Microsoft for devices that could be labeled as PocketPC devices

PocketPC homescreen
The Pocket PC Home-screen

PocketPC Software

Software included with the PocketPC included a version of Internet Explorer for web browsing. Pocket versions of Microsoft Office Software such as Word, Excel, Power Point. PocketPC included the standard PDA Contact and scheduling software and included a wide variety of 3rd party software and games.

PocketPC Today

PocketPC eventually became known as Windows Mobile. In versions 7 and 8 of Windows Mobile feature the Tile interface similar to Windows 8